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Tabra - for a celebration of women throughout the world. Fine hand-made contemporary ethnic-style jewlery, often imitating gypsy jewelry, but always containing an element of magic. Tabra has been producing unique jewelry in northern California since the early 70's using natural stone set in sterling silver with symbols representating women of the world. Many pieces are one of a kind, all are limited editions and collector's items.

Our Tabra is all authentic, first quality, signed. Each piece comes with a description card, with the exception of the One-of-a-Kind items which do not have specific cards, only numbers and signature.  JuJus do not come with anything but our guarantee that they are authentic Tabra!

When an item is listed as "One of a Kind" it means that it was made by hand by a specific aritisan, whether carved or special stones set. The designs are Tabra's. If it is a stone set "One of a Kind" it can not be reordered generally, but may be sligthly different. Most carved piece are distinct to the carving artist and produced by hand in very limited numbers. Each one-of-a-kind item is numbered and signed.

Because of complaints of a retailer(s) we have been forced to raise our prices on even our older items. We apologize to our loyal customers. Our goal is still to offer you the lowest prices we are able to. Should you find any of our Tabra items at retailers lower than ours, please notify us and we will more than meet their price.


Gypsy JuJus
Gypsy JuJus
Tabra Bracelets and Connectors
Tabra Bracelets and Connectors
Tabra Charms
Tabra Charms
Tabra Earrings
Tabra Earrings
Tabra Necklaces
Tabra Necklaces
Tabra Talisman and Pendants
Tabra Talisman and Pendants
Tabra Necklace Connectors and Chains
Tabra Necklace Connectors and Chains


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