FAQ (Questions)

Please remember when you email us that there is a person at the other end of your email. We do make mistakes and will do our very best to correct them immediately. We are trying our very best to make your experience with us a satisfying one, and we respond positively to polite requests.

We reserve the right to deny a transaction or item that is priced incorrectly. Human errors sometimes occur in the data entry process. 

1. How does the Gift Registry work? TOP

You may select items to put in your gift registry to be accessed by others wishing to purchase a gift for you.  By merely adding items under your name and address, others will have the ability to examine your wish list and make purchases for you of items on it.  This list may also be used by you to remember items that you wish to purchase in the future. 

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT PUTTING ITEMS IN YOUR GIFT REGISTRY DOES NOT KEEP THEM FROM BEING SOLD, though we will try and obtain the item for you if possible.

2. Is it safe to make credit card purchases on the Jewels For the Soul Website? TOP

YES...We use the latest encryption methods and intrust your purchase to a completely secure shopping cart which transfers your transactions to Trust Commerce Bank for collection from your Credit Card Co. We accept Master Card and Visa. If you wish to use American Express or Discover Card you may pay through Paypal. Paypal does not require membership. PLEASE DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MAIL US YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER. Emails are not secure, though we will accept FAXed information.


3. Can I have my order shipped to someone as a gift? TOP

Customers who have purchased from us in the past may have items shipped to an address other than their billing address by emailing us and placing the separate mailing address in:  Buyer's Special Instructions.  WE WILL, HOWEVER, MAIL ALL OF ONE ORDER TO ONE MAILING ADDRESS. If you wish to have more than one shipping address, you must place an separate order.
All other purchases will be mailed to the credit card billing address only.

Please be certain to inform us if your purchase is a gift, so we can include a gift receipt. We will also gift wrap and send an enclosure note upon your request free of charge.

4. What payment methods do you accept? TOP
Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard), Paypal (in which you can use your usual payment method, Discover Card or American Express.  You may also choose to send, a Money Order/Cashierís Check

5. How do I pay by money order or cashiers check? TOP
If you choose to pay by money order/cashiers check, you will receive an email from us with instructions within 24 hrs.  Your item(s) will be shipped upon receipt of the money order/cashierís check.  Your item(s) will be held for 7 days from the date of the emailed instruction. If your money order/cashierís check is not received within 7 days, the jewelry will be made available to other buyers, and we will no longer accept money orders/checks from you for future payments.

6. What is your Shipping Policy? TOP

Items are mailed between 1 and 2 business days of purchase/payment, often sooner. 
  • At the time of shipment you will receive an email with a confirmation number which will indicate when your item was mailed. We canít guarantee when youíll receive your merchandise, only when it will be shipped. 
  • All items are packaged securely and shipped with a USPS delivery confirmation number.
  • Currently, transactions of $100 or above include 1st Class Shipping free (to one address only) otherwise the cost is $4.50.
  • Transactions at this time that our greater than $300 are Free Priority Mailing, or Priority Shipping may be purchased for any transaction for $6.00.
  • We ship to a limited number of foreign countries. Including England, Canada and Australia.  Please email us for information on other countries.  Shipping charges are: Global Priority 1 - 4 small items (Canada, items = $18.00; Other countries, $22).

We retain the right to change our shipping policies/prices at any time, without notice.

If you need your jewelry urgently, we strongly suggest you consider choosing USPS Express Mail for a cost of $22.  Also, it is helpful if we receive an email from you stating the urgency so that we do not wait until the end of the day for shipping Express mail.

7. Do you charge Sales Tax? TOP

Sales tax will be added to California purchasers only (8%).   This is required by State law, we have no control over the collection of this tax and receive no benefit from the collection of these taxes.  They are merely passed on to the State.
CA buyers who are frequent buyers may contact us  (PRIOR TO YOUR PURCHASE) for a discount code to help eleviate some of the cost of CA taxes.  This is not automatic, but must be requested prior to your purchase.  It will entitle you to at least 5% off your entire sale, though it does not affect the tax rate 9.75%. 
When there is a discount voucher in place California buyers should still use their own discount voucher as it will always be a greater voucher than the current one. (We add additional discounts to the current voucher to assist CA buyers with tax burdens.)

8. Do you ship Internationally? TOP
We're very sorry, we are not currently shipping internationally. Lately, we have had too many items that did not reach there destination.

9. What is your Repair Policy? TOP

Sorrelli jewelry and Ayala Bar come with a lifetime guarantee which means your item may be repaired at any time. These returns generally take 4 - 6 weeks.
Other manufacturers also warantee their own jewelry to differing degrees.
Should your jewelry need repair:
  • Please email us prior to returning your item for a Repair Authorization number. 
  • Do not return your item without this number or we may not be able to identify your item. 

10. What is your Exchange Policy? TOP

We will EXCHANGE both sale and non-sale items for up to 18 days of receipt according to the delivery confirmation unless otherwise stated at the time of sale (i.e., gift to be given at a later date). This deadline will be strickly enforced. This means that we must receive the item being exchanged in our office by the 18th day, with a valid Return Number on the outside of the package. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ITEMS RETURNED PAST THAT DATE OR WITHOUT A VALID EXCHANGE NUMBER ON THE OUTSIDE. 


WE WILL REFUND PURCHASES that are NOT SALE ITEMS exclusive of the shipping costs.  A return authorization number must be obtained through email prior to returning your item. This number must be placed on the outside of the package in order for us to accept it.  

SPECIAL ORDERS ARE NOT RETURNABLE. We send confirmation letters prior to ordering your special order in which you are given the opportunity to reject the order. Once the confirmation is accepted, payment for the item is the buyers responsibiility

11. How do I return an item? TOP

Email us immediately upon receipt of item to obtain a Return Authoization Number. (Your item should be mailed back right away, even if you are unsure of what you wish to exchange your item for because the time limit for returns will still apply.)
All returns must be in the original, unused condition, with tags, or other materials originally mailed, and must be perfectly re-sellable.WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS RETURNED WITHOUT A RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER, nor will we accept a return that is in a condition we consider unacceptable for re-sale. 
Please include a copy of your packing slip.  Your Return Authorization No. should be placed on the OUTSIDE of the package to insure that we connect the return to you.

When you have decided on the exchanged item, email us and we will handle the exchange, DONíT PURCHASE THE NEW ITEM FIRST,
or it will be considered a new purchase.

REMEMBER, SPECIAL ORDERS ARE NOT RETURNABLE FOR ANY REASON, so be sure of what you wish to order prior to placing the order.

We log your return in when it arrives to note the date of return, but we only handle returns on the weekends or when we have time.  We do not have the ability to process these immediately.  If we receive an item on Monday, please do not expect to hear from us until we have extra time or on the following weekend.

12. How do I place a Special Order for items not on the web site or items that are currently out of stock? TOP

Please email us with the specific item you are interested in. We will invoice you for that item. We charge the same amount for a special order as for a current item of similar style. 
These orders often take 2 - 6 weeks for us to receive from the manufacturer.
Please remember that Special Orders are not returnable.  All Special Orders require pre-payment. Once a special order has been confirmed by you we consider it placed and it is not eligible for cancellation by the customer.

13. I have visited other web sites that do not have all of these rules and policies, why do you? TOP

We pride ourselves in keeping our prices affordable and we operate on a low profit margin and with few employees. Therefore, we do not have the luxuries that many larger business enjoy.
Refunds and returns are very expensive to us and require extra employee time.   To keep our prices down, we must eliminate extra fees. Our pledge to you though is to always attempt to give the best possible personal customer service.

14. What happens if my email is unanswered? TOP

Please add our email ddress, anne@jewelsforthesoul.com and sales@jewelsforthesoul.com to your address book, because we are often spammed out by your server! 
Please be assured that we answer every email, generally within hours, but always within 24 hrs.  If you do not receive an email from us, it is because either our security system has blocked your incoming email or yours has blocked our answer.  

A) Check your junk mail to see if our reply is in there; 
B) Put our email address in your address book and resend your email; 
C) Send a FAX to (858 793 9323).
We are very sorry, but we are not staffed for phone service. We will however, soon have live chat on our website so that you may receive immediate answers.

Please email us at  anne@jewelsforthesoul.com or sales@jewelsforthesoul.com should you have questions that were not answered above.